Corrugated line brief introduction

The corrugated paperboard production line is made up of roll paper through
tile roll pressing, gluing, bonding, drying, forming, separating paper, pressing line, cutting into the specification board, and finally stacking and outputting.

Yantai Runde trade limited company production of high, medium and low grades three, five, seven corrugated board production line, the production rate of 60-200m/min, web 1400-2500mm, A, B type, C, E, BC, F etc., by the user to choose.

The machines for corrugated line include three parts:

Main machines: mill roll stand, single facer, over bridge, glue machine, double facer, slitter scorer, cut off, stacker and so on.

Auxiliary machines: trolley and track, main drive, pre-heater, glue making machine and glue system, steam or oil heating system, compressed air system, electrical control system and so on. Optional machines: splicer, rotary shear, scrap shredder, production control system and so on.

Our company can provide top grade, medium grade and common grade corrugated line to meet different requirements. The speeding can reach 60-200m/min and the width is from 1400mm to 2500mm.